Markwell Deer Processing

Deer Services and Processing

Regular Processing$130.00
Summer Sausage$13.00/ 3 lb package
Summer Sausage w/cheese$16.00/ 3 lb package
Salami$13.00/ 3 lb package
Bologna$13.00/ 3 lb package
Breakfast Sausage$7.00/ 2 lb package
Breakfast Links$7.00/ 1 lb package
Jerky$12.00/ 1 lb package
Snack Sticks$8.00/ 1 lb package
Burger Grind$2.00/ 2 lb package
Burger w/Pork$4.00/ 2 lb package

Markwell Beef

Selling Whole and Half beef. Sold at market price.
Call for current pricing 502.839.8259